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Ferris – Zero Turn Ride on Mower IS 700Z

Ferris » Ride on Mowers

Efficient and affordable Zero Turn ride on mower with a 52" cutting width. Suitable for five-day-a-week landscaping professionals, lawn contractors and acreage owners. [more]


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Ferris 400S Zero Turn

Ferris » Ride on Mowers

The Ferris 400S Zero Turn sets a new standard with a Zero Turn suitable for commercial or acreage applications. The 10-gauge fully fabricated cutting deck is fitted with greasable cast aluminium blade spindles all manufactured to [more]


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Ferris Zero Turn S65Z

Ferris » Ride on Mowers

The S65Z Ferris zero turn is suitable for both commercial operators and acreage owners with heavier grass to cut. The pivoting front axle and coil spring suspension allow for faster mowing speeds and improved traction in rough [more]


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Forestry Hatchet – Stihl

STIHL » Hand Saws, Pruners & Axes

Light forestry hatchet for occasional pruning work and splitting small pieces of wood. Fitted with a ash handle, this hatchet is 40cm long and weighs 600g. [more]


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FS 260 C-E Brushcutter

STIHL » Line Trimmers

The Stihl FS260 Brushcutter is a powerful unit suited to clearing heavy grass and vegetation such as Lantana and wooded weeds. Unit comes with a full shoulder harness, ergonomic easy to adjust (tool free) handles and a soft start [more]


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FS-KM Brushcutter Attach

STIHL » Multi-Tool Systems

Brushcutter with AutoCut 25-2 mowing head. [more]


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FS45 Line Trimmer

STIHL » Line Trimmers

Compact, powerful and lightweight Grass Trimmer, easy to handle for domestic trimming and lawn edging. [more]


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FS45C-E Line Trimmer with Easy2Start

STIHL » Line Trimmers

Compact, powerful and lightweight Grass Trimmer for domestic trimming and lawn edging. Features Easy2Start technology for effortless starting. [more]


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