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Cordless Mower RMA 410C

STIHL » Battery Powered

Battery powered cordless mower mows up to 400 square meters on a single charge. This unit is light weight at 18.0kg and comes standard with a 55l grass catcher. No fuel, no emissions, always starts. Easy to access grass catcher, unit [more]


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Cordless Pole Pruner HTA85

STIHL » Battery Powered

The HTA85 cordless pole pruner is very easy to use, quiet and capable of cutting tress at approximately 5m from ground level cleanly, quickly and comfortably. The unit has tool free telescopic height adjustment and a 12" cutting bar. [more]


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Corvette 500 QPT

Victa » Walk Behind Mowers

19 inch steel based Victa Corvette 500. This unit is coupled with a 725EXi QPT Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine. The unit has mulch or catch capability & is fitted with 4 swing back blades. The Corvette 500 comes with a 3 year warranty & hard [more]


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Cox Lawnboss

Cox » Ride on Mowers

The Cox Lawnboss is unsurpassed in terms of toughness, durability & reliability in this price segment. The Cox Lawnboss is suited to larger domestic blocks or small lawned acreage. The unit can be fitted with a mulching kit. Fitted with [more]


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Cox Stockman 4500 – Live

Cox » Ride on Mowers

The Cox Stockman 4500 is built tough for Australian conditions. The simple but efficient friction drive clutch system delivers power consistently to both rear wheels at the same time. This makes the Cox Stockman ideal on undulating [more]


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Cruiser Zero Turn 22HP 42″ Cut

Cox » Ride on Mowers

The Cruiser Zero Turn is built to last. The Cox Cruiser basically turns on its own axis thanks to twin hydro-gear transmissions.  A powerful Briggs & Stratton V Twin engine makes any job a breeze. This mower is suitable for heavy end [more]


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FCB-KM Edger

STIHL » Multi-Tool Systems

This bent-shaft edger attachment is ideal for accurately trimming lawn edges along paths and driveways. [more]


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Ferris – Zero Turn Ride on Mower IS 2100Z

Ferris » Ride on Mowers

A fuel-efficient, zero turn mower built for rough terrain. This ride on mower boasts full rear suspension and independent front suspension delivering unparalleled operator comfort and reduced stress on the machine. In short, less [more]


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