High Pressure Cleaners

Briggs & Stratton 2200psi Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton » High Pressure Cleaners

Ideal for most outdoor cleaning projects. This light weight unit is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 550 Series™ Engine for performance and reliability.  Features include never flat puncture resistant wheels and a light [more]


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RB 400 Stihl Pressure Washer 2700psi

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

Dirt busting high pressure washer delivering 2700psi of water pressure. Fitted with a brass pump and ceramic coated pistons the RB 400 is suitable for heavy end domestic use. Comes with a 7.5m pressure hose, built in detergent delivery [more]


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RB 600 Stihl Pressure Washer 3200psi

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

Heavy end Stihl pressure washer, the RB 600 is fitted with a brass triplex pump with ceramic coated pistons for performance and durability. Unit is suitable for commercial applications and comes with a built in detergent injector [more]


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RB 800 Stihl Commercial Pressure Washer 4200psi

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

The RB 800 is a superior quality commercial pressure washer fitted with a brass triplex pump. The pump pistons are solid ceramic ensuring maximum heat transfer and a longer service life. The 15m steel reinforced hose is built to last and [more]


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RB200 Stihl Pressure Washer 2500psi

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

The Stihl RB200 is a petrol powered (Kohler XT-775 4 stroke engine) high pressure cleaner delivering 2500psi of water pressure. This machine is easy to start and is fitted with a 7.5m pressure hose. Suitable for all domestic [more]


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Stihl Pressure Washer RE 163 Plus

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

The RE 163 PLUS Stihl pressure washer features wear-resistant, ceramic-covered pistons, a heavy duty pump together with the brass pump head with an even longer service life. With an integrated high-pressure hose reel and 12m steel [more]


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Stihl Pressure Washer RE109

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

The RE109 Stihl pressure washer is ideally suited to the domestic clean up. Max pressure 1595psi, the unit comes standard with a variable & rotary nozzles plus a detergent applicator bottle. The unit is easy to move around and comes with [more]


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Stihl Pressure Washer RE120

STIHL » High Pressure Cleaners

Versatile 240V electric pressure washer suitable for home use. Unit comes with 2 nozzle types (rotary nozzle & adjustable fan type). This unit is equipped with an aluminium pump head & comes with a durable 8m steel reinforced hose. [more]


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